Castle in the Sky

Of dragons, faeries, unicorns, and other beings

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Name: Kristen

Nick names: Subaru, Kai

Age: 25

Nationality: Irish/Scottish/American

Height: 5’ 1 ish

Birthday: November 28

Birth Place: Alexandria, LA

Birth Sign: Sagittarius

Ancient Egyptian Birth Sign: Sehkmet

Chinese Birth Sign: Snake

Birth Stone: Topaz

Birth Flowers: Chrysanthemums and Orchids

Birth Tree: Elder Tree

Favorite Food: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Fruits, Ice cream, Italian

Favorite Drink: Green Tea, Mugicha, Water, Strawberry Milk, Milk, Cheerwine, Fruity drinks

Season: Spring, Autumn, and Winter

Flowers: Wisteria, Roses, Spider lilies, Chrysanthemums, Spider Chrysanthemums, Azaleas, Dahlias, Forget-me-nots, Casablanca Lilies, Orchids, Cherry Blossoms, Plum Blossoms, and so many more

Gemstones: Peacock ore (my favorite), Onyx, Ametrine, Amethyst, Ammolite, Apatite, Aquamarine, blood stone, Chalcedonia, Chalcedony, Chrysoberyl cat’s eye, Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, lolite, Jadeite, lapis lazuli, moonstone, opal, pearl, Pietersite, Sillimanite, Sunstone, Tanzanite, Tigereye, Vesuvianite

Colors: Black, White, Silver, Purple, Blue, Green, Red

Mythical Creatures: Vampires, Unicorns, Pegasus, Centaurs, Elves, Faeries, Chimera, Dragons, Nymphs, Phoenix, Sphinx, Griffin, Angels, Incubi, Succubae

Books: The Tale Of Genji, Sinner, The Vampire Chronicles, The New Tales of the Vampires, Exit to Eden, Belinda, The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty Series, Tales of the Mayfair Witches series, Violin, The Feast of all Saints, The Castle, Cry to Heaven, Servant of the Bones, The Mummy or Ramses the Dammed, Imperial Woman, Memoirs Of A Geisha, The Last Unicorn, Foxes Book Of Martyrs, Dear America Series, Dear America Royal Diaries, False memory, Wuthering Heights, The house of the seven Gables, Dracula, The Secret Garden, The Little Princess, This Present Darkness, Piercing the Darkness, The Time Machine, Thre3, Blink, Journey To The Center Of the Earth, The Pilgrims Progress, Frankenstein, Jekyll and Hyde and many more

Anime: gundam wing, X, rurouni kenshin, gundam 08th ms team, yuu yuu hakusho, Tokyo Bablyon, Wolf's Rain, Hellsing, Sailor Moon, Candidate For Goddess, Inuyasha, Yugioh, Outlaw Star, Rurouni Kenshin, Gravitation…and more

Manga: Tokyo Bablyon, X, Gravitation, yuu yuu hakusho, rurouni kenshin, fushigi yuugi, yami no matsuei, ayashi no ceres, God Child, Cain Saga, Angel Sanctuary…and more

Yaoi Manga: A Sex Therapist (the best in my opinion), Secretary, Eerie Queerie, Hands Off!, Gravitation, Fake, My Sexual Harrassment, Okane Ga Nai!, Sensitive Pornograh, After I Get Drunk On You, Bronze, Mirage of a Blaze, X-Kai (not sure if its yaoi but there might be hints at shounen ai hehe)…and more

Music: J-rock/pop, Rock, Pop, Alternative, Gothic rock, Gothic opera, Celtic, Trance, Techno, Eurobeat, Traditional Asian music, Latin Hymns, Gregorian Chants

Movies: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Braveheart, Chronicles of Narnia, Ringu - The Anthology of Terror, Ju-on, The Grudge, Reincarnation, Revenge Of The Nerds, Crazy Eights, Wuthering Heights, The Stand, Rose Red, To Be Fat Like Me, Misery, Alice in Wonderland, Jurassic Park, Interview with the Vampire, Willow, Princess Bride, Beaches, Anastasia, Private Benjamin, John Q, Monty Python And The Holy Grail, Robin Hood Men In Tights, Little Princess, The Secret Garden, La Bamba, Thr3e, Amazing Grace, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, The Ninth Gate, Man on Fire, Sabrina, G.I. Jane, The Shining, Carrie, The virus, Juno, Sweeney Todd, and many more for sure


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